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When the breathing is steady the mind gives this reflection.
When the breathing is unsteady the mind gives this reflection.
Therefore the breathing should be controlled.
Hatha Yoga Pradipika Chapter 2 Verse 2 by Swami Svatmarama

"Thank you for clarifying the art of pranayama,
the winds of prana have removed the clouds in my mind"

"My heart felt blessings to you my guru."

Dedicated to B.K.S Iyengar

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What is pranayama? pranayama How to Sit in pranayama pranayama Inhalation (Pūraka) pranayama Exhalation (Rechaka)
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Types of Pranayama

Ujjayi pranayama pranayama Nādi Śodhana pranayama pranayama Kapalabhati pranayama pranayama Bhastrika pranayama
Aum pranayama pranayama Nirvana pranayama pranayama Svana pranayama pranayama Viloma pranayama pranayama Anuloma pranayama
Pratiloma pranayama pranayama Bhramari pranayama pranayama Murchha pranayama pranayama Plavinī pranayama
Sūrya Bhedana pranayama pranayama Chandra Bhedana pranayama pranayama Visamavrtti pranayama
Samavrtti pranayama pranayama Śītalī pranayama pranayama Śītakārī pranayama

Bandhas in Pranayama

Bandhas pranayama Jalandhara Bandha pranayama Uddiyana Bandha



Download free pranayama audio mp3's on all the different breathing exercise
techniques. Listen to them on your mp3 player as you practice. When a breathing technique
has been practiced for a significant amount of time play the next.
Mix many different breathing exercises and practice them.

Breathing Exercise- Breathing Exercises pranayama Breathing Exercises 3

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What is pranayama? pranayama How to Sit pranayama Breathing For Anxiety pranayama Ujjayi pranayama Breathing Exercise pranayama Breath of Fire
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